Version History

October 6, 20111.21.0454Minor Update

This update includes some functional improvement of support for the latest Outlook editions. Several other problems are fixed as well.

Issues Fixed
  • "Personalization" variables were not retrieved correctly in some cases with contacts from Exchange Address Book.
  • Incorrect e-mail signature would be applied in some use case scenarios when non-default e-mail account was selected for sending e-mail.
  • Template marked as favorite would disappear from the general list of templates.
  • The icon would not show the "replied" or "forwarded" status in some cases on the e-mail message when using templates while replying or forwarding to that e-mail.
  • Template marked as default would appear in Outlook To-Do list on Outlook 2007 and 2010. To avoid that, the default template on these Outlook versions is not flagged now.
  • Outlook 2007 was crashing in some cases when trying to import templates from file folder with a number of sub-folders within.

December 16, 20091.20.0452Major Update

Major Enhancements:
  • Support of Windows 7 and Outlook 2010.The Product was tested on Windows 7 and updated to support Outlook 2010 already. A new separate tab now appears in Outlook 2010.
Issues Fixed:
  • Files attached to an e-mail message sometimes were received by other recipients with an incorrect file name
  • Pictures inside an e-mail template were not visible by recipients in some cases
  • If the user name was changed in the account settings, %MyName% parameter would use the old name until Outlook is restarted

March 25, 20081.11.0448Major Update

Major Enhancements:
  • Attachments used in the template were received by recipients with a strange long file name consisting of random numbers
  • Some English texts were corrected

December 17, 20071.10.0445Major Update

Major Enhancements:
  • Updated standard templates collection
  • Import / export of Microsoft Word templates, export of Reply With templates into Word templates
  • Personalized fields, such as "Full Name" or "Company", can be added to the templates
  • Hot keys can be assigned to templates for quick use
  • Favorite templates can now be marked with a special color flag
  • Improved creation of new templates
  • Creation of a new e-mail from the template
  • Creation of a new template from the e-mail
  • Ability to create a new duplicate template from the existing template
  • Reply / forward with a template using a selected part of the message only
  • Sending selected e-mails from Drafts
  • Improved interfaces and toolbars
  • Product name has been changed from “ReplyWith” to “Reply With Templates
  • Support for Outlook 2007 and Windows Vista added.

May 30, 20041.0.6 Major Update

Many improvements

May 9, 20041.0.2Minor Update

Bug with MS Word is fixed

May 6, 20041.0.1Minor Update

Beta version


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